Investment Management

Retirement: Private Portfolios

Spyglass Investment Management Corporation (“Spyglass”), is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Spyglass provides investment management services to individuals, company retirement plans, and non-profit organizations.

Spyglass is a fee-only manager. This method of payment eliminates the potential conflict of interest associate with compensation-based commissions. We earn our fee on the value of assets under management. Under this arrangment, there is no incentive to trade an account unnecessarily or sell products that will best benefit the firm. You can feel confident that your investment goals — not commissions — are the foundation of Sypglass's investment decisions.

Your Investment Advisor will design a new portfolio, or modify an existing portfolio, by applying an investment approach that utilizes the principles of asset allocation. Together we assess your investment objectives and determine what percentage of the portfolio will be allocated to asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and money market funds. The allocation can be adjusted at any time in order to rebalance the portfolio or to account for changes in your investment goals as well as changes in market conditions.