Investment Management

Retirement: Small Business Retirement Plans

Today, nearly 60 million Americans participate in 401(k) and other retirement savings programs. While the 401(k) plan offers many attractive features it also presents a major challenge to many participants who are not comfortable making their own investment decisions. They need — and want — specific investment advice.

Spyglass Investment Management works with your retirement plan participants during enrollment and throughout administration of the plan. It is Spyglass's job to ensure that your employees understand the options available to them. Employee participation and appreciation increases with understanding.

While the 401(k) is one of the most common retirement plans in the market it may not be the right plan for your company. Simple IRAs, SEP IRAs, Pension and other Qualified Retirement Plans are also available. Spyglass can help you determine which plan is right for your business.

At Spyglass, our Retirement Plan mission is three-fold:

1. Provide quality investment choices at competitive prices;
2. Find the right plan and simplify plan administration; and
3. Provide plan participants the tools and knowledge to make the right investment decisions for their retirement savings.